Sunday, 16 September 2012

Last night my boyfriend and I went to Hampstead (north London) to go see To Rome With Love at Everyman Cinema. I had never actually been to Hampstead before (despite it being quite close to where I live), but my God, it is insane. It's basically where all of the celebs and people who have too much money go to live and aim to be seen walking down High Street decked out head to toe in Louis Vuitton. I had prepared myself for what I'd do if I saw Ricky Gervais who is often spotted walking around Hampstead (ridiculously huge fan - probably would've lost my shit), but alas, no sighting. Sad days.

If you haven't already been, Everyman Cinemas are amazing. They are in quite a few locations around London (for more information, go to their website; They mainly show independent films, but the selling point is that there is a bar at the back of the cinema! So while you are watching the film, you can order tapas, pizza's and a bottle of wine. Bullshit good. And you get to sit on sofa's! What more could you want? To Rome With Love (latest Woody Allen film) was incredible. Please go see it!

We quickly did a sneaky outfit shoot before the movies in a random road off High Street. Enjoy!

Wearing; H&M mint coloured dress, thrifted chain necklace, Ralph Lauren tortoise shell frames, and thrifted black patent shoes.


  1. Looks like you had a fun time ^^. Lovely dress btw c:

    /LauraElizabeth (。・ω・。) @
    ♥ Black Velvet Hearts ♥

  2. That cinema sounds sick asssssss

  3. That's such a cool chain. Love the colour of your dress. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  4. Es precioso y tiene un color muy bonito.
    Besos guapa

  5. Love your shoes!! :)


  6. This color looks amazing on you .

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