Thursday, 3 January 2013


Another weekend over, but it was an uh-mazing one at that. Yesterday Dan and I went to the Karl Pilkington book signing in Watford. I thought I would NEVER get the opportunity to meet him (ridiculously huge fan), but maaaan, dreams tote's come true. We lined up for about an hour, and then BOOM, walked into the caravan, and there he was. Head like an orange. We only got about 30 seconds with him, but in that time we somehow managed to make him laugh (which is basically unheard of). It was magical.

The outfit that I wore to the book signing was a bit of a throw together concept. The skirt I am wearing was a dress (up until yesterday afternoon) that I never really wore, but loved the black and white animal print on it. So I decided to give it a shot, and cut off the top section to make it into a skirt. Basically the BEST decision, I will wear it so much more. Super happy.

Wearing: black velvet Zara jacket, white bow thrifted shirt, Dotti dress made into a skirt, SportsGirl ring, brown Primark shoes. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm blue.

Tonight was such a lovely evening, so Dan and I walked to the old World War 2 bunker near my house to take some photos at dusk. I can't even describe in words how eerie it was to be there while the sun was setting. This spot is actually quite hard to find because it's surrounded by huge trees, and hidden up a hill. It also has amazing views of the city, and on a clear day you can see quite far. We only discovered this because we were Geocaching (don't know what that is? GOOGLE IT NOW). I often forget how history rich the UK is. I am originally from Australia, so anything older than 100 years is, well, the unknown. It's not until you go oversea's to other countries, and see ruins from the 1800's. Shit cray.

In this post, I am wearing a vintage blue wrap dress that I purchased from a vintage store at the Brixton Village. I almost cried when I found it, because it's such an incredible blue. AND it was in the sale rack. Snapped that up, I did. 

Shoes are thrifted, necklace and ring are from Sportsgirl, and (once again), my socks are from Primark. There is something about blue and red together that makes me happy.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Yeah, I love this park.

I adore this dress. I have had it for almost four years now (to be honest, I haven't a clue how I even scored it). I remember it being really long, so I took it up above the knee and here it is today. I have re-worked it so many times with crazy chains, shirts underneath, huge jackets over it, flats, heels, boots. It literally is flawless. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Last night my boyfriend (Dan) and I went back to the Soccer field again while the sun was setting and did another outfit post. I really love this Soccer (or football?) field, it's so quiet despite being off a main road. I love the little gems you find just by walking around the London suburbs. The other day we found an old run down nuclear bomb site/bunker thing that was used in World War 2. True story.

In this outfit post, I am wearing a thrifted tie up shirt from Brighton, high waisted skirt from Sportsgirl, red Primark socks (they come in a 4 pack, bargain!), and TopShop sandal heals. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Last night my boyfriend and I went to Hampstead (north London) to go see To Rome With Love at Everyman Cinema. I had never actually been to Hampstead before (despite it being quite close to where I live), but my God, it is insane. It's basically where all of the celebs and people who have too much money go to live and aim to be seen walking down High Street decked out head to toe in Louis Vuitton. I had prepared myself for what I'd do if I saw Ricky Gervais who is often spotted walking around Hampstead (ridiculously huge fan - probably would've lost my shit), but alas, no sighting. Sad days.

If you haven't already been, Everyman Cinemas are amazing. They are in quite a few locations around London (for more information, go to their website; They mainly show independent films, but the selling point is that there is a bar at the back of the cinema! So while you are watching the film, you can order tapas, pizza's and a bottle of wine. Bullshit good. And you get to sit on sofa's! What more could you want? To Rome With Love (latest Woody Allen film) was incredible. Please go see it!

We quickly did a sneaky outfit shoot before the movies in a random road off High Street. Enjoy!

Wearing; H&M mint coloured dress, thrifted chain necklace, Ralph Lauren tortoise shell frames, and thrifted black patent shoes.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Another day, another bright outfit.

Okay, so I am starting to notice a trend with my outfits. I think I really like bright colours. In fact, all of my most recent purchases of late have been bright blue's, yellows and red's. *Makes mental note to wear black from now on*.

This dress was a Brighton purchase in a cute little thrift store on the main street while we were en route to the beach. I love random finds like this when you aren't necessarily looking for anything (it's usually  when I find the best stuff). I never really thought I could ever pull off red, so I made a bit of a mission a few months ago to find the perfect red vintage dress. I adore this one, however I am not convinced it is the dress, so the search still continues :(

Wearing: ASOS sunglasses, vintage red dress, Sportsgirl necklace and thrifted pastel pink sandals.