Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm blue.

Tonight was such a lovely evening, so Dan and I walked to the old World War 2 bunker near my house to take some photos at dusk. I can't even describe in words how eerie it was to be there while the sun was setting. This spot is actually quite hard to find because it's surrounded by huge trees, and hidden up a hill. It also has amazing views of the city, and on a clear day you can see quite far. We only discovered this because we were Geocaching (don't know what that is? GOOGLE IT NOW). I often forget how history rich the UK is. I am originally from Australia, so anything older than 100 years is, well, the unknown. It's not until you go oversea's to other countries, and see ruins from the 1800's. Shit cray.

In this post, I am wearing a vintage blue wrap dress that I purchased from a vintage store at the Brixton Village. I almost cried when I found it, because it's such an incredible blue. AND it was in the sale rack. Snapped that up, I did. 

Shoes are thrifted, necklace and ring are from Sportsgirl, and (once again), my socks are from Primark. There is something about blue and red together that makes me happy.

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  1. beargrillz ...... the colours in these photos are outstanding! The Blue of the dress, Green of the gress and red of the socks are so intense!